Disparity in The Creeps

Although "The Creeps" is a bizarre movie, it does display very well produced stereoscopic 3D. The 3D depth of the movie is nice and deep and really immerses you into each scene. Today's 3D film-makers could learn a lot by studying the stereoscopic depth of this movie along side other classics like "House of Wax". If only this type of 3D effect could be utilized within all modern movies then I would be a happy 3D viewer.

From the IMDB.....

"Filmed in Genuine Field-Sequential 3D: The movie was shot in 35mm using Chris Condon Stereovision lenses. These lenses utilize a 3-D filming technique called "over and under." During filming, a normal 35mm film frame is exposed by two lenses (one for each eye view) instead of one. The top half of the film frame is exposed by one lens and the bottom half of the frame by the other lens. Hence, the name "over and under." 

On this page, using some screen-grabs from "The Creeps", I intend to illustrate the type of disparity needed to create both a good sense of depth and a good pop-out effect in 3D filming. In these side by side images, (the original was shot in above/below format) I have highlighted areas where the disparity is really obvious. Compare each corresponding red shape and notice the difference between the stereo pairs. In some cases, the separation is so wide that some objects are hidden in one side, while viewable in the other. Please note, the anaglyph screen-grabs are of a lower quality than the original interlaced image and are purely to illustrate each scene. They do not reflect the quality of the field sequential DVD which is much clearer, does not have embedded ghosting and looks very nice on a 3D TV/Monitor.

The field sequential DVD of "The Creeps" is available to buy from Amazon.com

Please note: these samples are used for illustrative purposes only and no infringement of copyright is intended.

The field sequential DVD of "The Creeps" is available to buy from Amazon.com