Old School 3D

On this page you are 3D anaglyph examples of "Old School" 3D. For me "Old School" means the following with regards 3D movies...

1)There is a great feeling of depth and space.
2)Objects have good separation between them.
3)Objects look rounded and solid.
4)You feel as though you could walk into the scene
5)Occasionally there is a 3D pop-out effect

I have included images from three movies which fall into this category.... "House of Wax"(1953) "Friday the 13th part 3" (1982) and the more recent movie "Spy Kids 3 : Game Over (2003) (I've include this because not only does it contain superb 3D in the traditional of "Old School" 3D, but is a great example of how modern 3D movies could look but sadly, more often than not, don't)

Please Note: These anaglyph samples show evidence of ghosting which may not be inherent in the original 3D.
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Please note: these sample images are used for illustrative purposes only and no infringement of copyright is intended.