Wednesday, 25 January 2012

3D movie ratings

Over the past couple of years or so, I have noticed a lack of consistency in the quality of the 3D seen in movies. There seems to be a worrying trend for more and more films to be converted into fake 3D during post production. As there seems to be no set standards and a lot of confusion as to what constitutes good and bad 3D, I have created this blog with the intention of rating the quality of the 3D in as many 3D movies as possible. If 3D is to be successful this time around, there needs to be some set of standards in all future 3D production and distribution. I strongly believe that all converted films should be legally bound to be labeled as such. If it's a conversion, then it shouldn't be called 3D. On this blog all converted movies, good or bad will have a rating of 2.5D. While some conversions can have a good 3D effect to them, there are always elements of each scene that remain flat, look 2D and occasionally the card-board effect is evident. Also, while watching a conversion, personally, I am always aware that it is fake and that fact alone is enough to spoil my viewing regardless of how good or bad the conversion might look at times. Conversions look "different" to natively shot stereoscopic content and cannot truly capture the depth and roundness off ALL objects that we can see in a true 3D movie. A conversion will never look as good as a properly shot native stereoscopic 3D movie.

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