Monday, 19 March 2012

Hidden 3D


Before viewing Hidden 3D, I had read quite a few negative reviews of it. In it's defense though, those reviews may have been aimed purely at the 2D version and I think that sometimes people's expectations are way too high, especially with a lower budget movie of this type. A purposefully shot 3D supernatural film like this really needs to be viewed in 3D to appreciate it fully. Personally, I'm quite willing to forgive a few shortcomings of any cheesy 3D horror film so long as the 3D element is well presented and has good depth.

With all that in mind, I didn't think Hidden 3D was that fact, I quite liked it. Hidden 3D is more a spooky, creepy supernatural movie, rather than a full-blown horror. It plays like an extended TV episode of The Twilight Zone I guess. Surprisingly, there's actually very little gore, if any at all and even more surprisingly, no profanity...which is very rare for a modern day movie of this type. Personally I find both those facts quite refreshing. OK, so overall, the movie isn't that great, but with regards the 3D, at least it is shot natively and on the whole looks really nice. Some of the 3D scenes (a long shot of the monastery hall in particular) look stunning and give a real sense of depth that makes you feel like you are actually standing there, in the hall. My main criticism of the 3D though is that throughout the movie, scenes keep switching from 3D to 2D. The titles, some news footage, flashbacks and the occasional cutaway shots are in 2D and it's quite distracting although it does emphasize how good the 3D is when it switches back. Fortunately, it doesn't happen often enough to totally ruin the 3D but because of this, Hidden 3D doesn't quite deserve the 3D Logo rating even though the 3D throughout most of the film is pretty good.

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