Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn

Just like in the Indiana Jones films, the mythology of the narrative is essentially just an excuse to set up a series of spectacular set pieces. On that front, the film succeeds in fine style and the CGI is simply amazing. With regards the 3D, it rates from good, to great, to stunning. Although the movie has a mostly medium 3D depth, it does occasionally open up and when it does, it looks fantastic. Overall though, the 3D depth is a little bit inconsistent and just like other CGI Animations, a compromise seems to have been made between the 3D and the animation. The best 3D moments usually occur when the camera follows characters down the ship's corridors or down streets during chase scenes. Other standout 3D moments are Tintin arriving at the mansion, Snowy in the night-time desert and Sakharine finding himself unceremoniously dumped in the water. If only the whole film had used the type of 3D depth evident in the latter scene, it would have been hailed as a 3D masterpiece.(V)

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