Monday, 9 April 2012

Final Destination 5 3D

Final Destination 5 is a huge improvement on the 4th movie both in terms of production quality and the 3D. The special effects (especially the bridge sequence) are excellent and the 3D is top notch. The producers of the franchise have certainly learnt their lessons from their previous 3D outing. The 3D in Final Destination 5 has great depth right from the start, and apart from a few flatter moments, is pretty consistent throughout the movie. For me, the best 3D is actually presented during the quieter scenes...the opening car park scene, inside the restaurant, the street scenes and the factory floor. All these sequences demonstrate a wonderful sense of depth on a par with some of the best 3D demos that I've seen. Finally, film-makers are realizing  how 3D should look when it's done properly. A lot of the success of the 3D has to do with the fact that, just as in other 3D movies such as Sanctum and Yogi Bear, James Cameron's Fusion 3D camera was used. It's not all just about depth though. There are plenty of pop-out moments to keep the negative parallax fans happy. Be warned though, this isn't for the faint hearted as just like with all the others movies in the franchise, this one is pretty gory and seems to relish in all the bloody carnage. I'm not a huge fan of gory horror films but this movie seemed to present it in an appropriately comic strip way.(V)

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