Monday, 15 October 2012



As I have yet to see the Blu-ray 3D of Prometheus, this review is based on my cinema experience of the film.
Although I came out of my viewing of Prometheus feeling a little bit muddled with the storyline, overall I enjoyed this Sci-Fi spectacular. Prometheus, is one of those movies (similarly to other Scott films like Blade Runner) that requires multiple viewings in order to fully appreciate its multi-layered themes. Having said that, the film also does not lose its B- Movie origins....Alien, after all, was really just a glorified sci-fi/horror B-Movie. Just like the rest of the franchise, the effects and production design are spectacular and the 3D, although not exactly demo worthy material, manages to find a nice balance with the visuals. Most of the 3D is of the positive parallax (depth) variety and at times you really do feel like you are looking through a window and into another world. Prometheus, although not the greatest example of 3D, still gets the 3D logo for its tidy and well balanced use of the technology.

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