Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Amazing Spider-Man

"The Amazing Spider-Man" is an interesting update on the franchise and one that this reviewer enjoyed. Although the move has a slightly
different, even quirky approach to the characters, the action scenes are still presented in a stylish, comic book manner, not too indifferent to what we have seen before in the Tobey Maguire movies.
The 3D is problematic though and is presented in the following manner...

Normal scenes =  weak to average 3D
Action scenes = Amazing 3D

See the discrepancy? The 3D in the action scenes is breathtaking, having a depth and feeling of spaciousness unseen in most other 3D movies. At times I got a feeling of vertigo watching Spiderman climbing up or falling off a skyscraper. The final battle has the best sustained 3D in the whole movie with an "amazing" 3D shot of Spidey swinging through a crane's arm. The problem with saving the best 3D for just the action scenes though is that, not only is the 3D inconsistent, but it's often difficult to really take in and enjoy the 3D effect.  3D tends to work better for scenes with slower edits and so doesn't always work best when used just in the action scenes. The film would have been much more successful, in the 3D department, if the non-action scenes had displayed a better quality 3D too. Not only would the consistency have been better, but the 3D would also helped to draw us into the intimate moments too. I look forward to improvements to the overall 3D in the sequel coming in 2014.

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