Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Although ParaNorman is good fun, quirky and a bit different, overall I was disappointed with the 3D. Unlike Coraline (made by the same team) the 3D doesn't seem to improve much in the ghostly or "other worldly" moments. In Coraline, when she enters the alternative world, the 3D is really amped up to create lots of "wow" moments. In ParaNorman,, the 3D never really inspires or reaches the same level. Sure, there are a few nice moments (usually during scenes of confrontation) but overall the separation is quite narrow throughout the movie. Having said that, there is a definite volume to the excellent puppet characters even if it is only a shallow one. We never really get much sense of depth in most of the environments though.

With regards the 3D then, for a kid's movie that happily touches on subjects of death, suicide, homosexuality, alludes to the F-word and is full of creepy ghouls and zombies with frequently missing limbs, is it too much to ask for a decent and strong 3D throughout the movie too?
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