Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Fright Night

This is a fun re-imagining of the cult 80's vampire flick of the same name but there are also elements of another similar 80's cult film... "The Lost Boys".  Colin Farrell is suitably menacing, the rest of the cast is fine but its David Tennant whos steals the show as Peter Vincent. It seems like his character is based on other Brit export Richard Brand and his appearances are often hilarious. With regards the 3D its more of the same really. Some good daylight 3D scenes, some nice pop-out effects but also the inconsistencies of depth and several dark scenes where the 3D is almost redundant. Overall, the 3D doesn't quite hit the heights but its still a decent attempt. I realize that some film-makers purposefully hold back on the 3D and open it up for the action moments, but I prefer my 3D movies to have full depth throughout.        Buy at Amazon.co.uk