Saturday, 2 June 2012

Journey 2 : The Mysterious Island

Where to begin...where to begin? Firstly, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island is a daft but fun adventure for all the family boasting beautiful Hawaiian locations (think Jurassic Park) and excellent special effects.  With regards the 3D, it's a real mish mash. Generally speaking, the 3D is of the milder variety but there are moments throughout the movie where the 3D is boosted and looks excellent. These are generally saved for moments of peril, underwater shots and scenes on-board the Nautilus. Also, the 3D End Titles look great. At these moments the 3D looks as good as any that I have seen in recent 3D movies but its just a shame that they are not seen more consistently throughout the film.. There is a standout 3D moment in the End Titles where elephants swim underwater towards the Lost city of Atlanta in the distance. If you take off your 3D glasses, you can see that the parallax is very wide and because of this the 3D looks great. If only the rest of the movie had followed suit. My biggest concerns though are that throughout the film, there are a few scenes here and there that are either 1) in 2D or 2) appear as though they are actually converted to 3D. There is also one horrible moment, when the water drains from the air lock in the Nautilus, when the 3D sides are....wait for it...out of alignment!! Can you believe that? This is a major Hollywood 3D movie and it contains a scene that is out of alignment. The mis-alignment is over/under in nature and really hits your eyes for six. I had to quickly look away from the screen it was that bad.
 So although there are some very good 3D moments in this movie, overall the 3D was a bit of a mixed bag, especially if you compare it to Journey to the Center of the Earth. 

Overall, I did see some great 3D moments in Journey 2, but am I being greedy or unreasonable to expect it throughout the whole movie?

Oh, and Dwayne Johnson sings...and does it very well too.

Journey 2 : The Mysterious Island is now available to buy on 3D Blu-ray.

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