Saturday, 25 August 2012

John Carter


John Carter is an enjoyable Fantasy Adventure based on the books by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Although the movie suffered from poor marketing and on its release was broadly panned by the critics, contrary to popular belief, it did eventually make a profit at the Box Office.
How is the 3D though? Well, John Carter is a 3D hybrid....a mixture of virtually rendered CGI 3D and converted 2D live action.  Overall, the results are very good. Disney have at least made an effort to try and make the 3D look as good as a real natively shot 3D movie and the depth is set at a nice level. The CGI effects are terrific and as they were virtually rendered, they contain the best 3D effects throughout the movie. At times the effects seem to have been lifted directly out of a Star Wars movie. The Arena fight looking extremely similar to the Arena fight in Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones. Overall, the movie was a lot of fun.
As a side note, it was also nice to see some familiar looking Utah locations being used...locations that have appeared in countless classic westerns and movies such as Planet of the Apes.(v)   

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