Sunday, 19 August 2012

Planet Dinosaur 3D


Planet Dinosaur 3D offers us an insight into the survival tactics and feeding habits of the prehistoric creatures, as well as a further insight into their eventual extinction. If I'm honest, there's nothing very revelatory here. Along the way, we are witness to the obligatory Jurassic park-type dinosaur smack-downs; scenes of dinosaurs tucking into bloody carcasses (at one point even performing cannibalism) and the various tricks that dinosaurs would use in an attempt to stay off the menu. Interspersed with these moments, there is also, lots of in-depth information on each dinosaur's appearance and position in the prehistoric timeline.  The animation is excellent throughout and the narration is performed in a masterly fashion, by the inimitable John Hurt.

With regards to the 3D, apart from several nice pop-out moments (mainly to do with the repeated graphics that hover over planet earth) overall I found the 3D a little on the mild side for my tastes. There are some excellent 3D moments, e.g. a Spinosaurus' snout coming right out of the screen, but these pop out effects are more effective than those related to depth. Personally, I wanted more depth as the dinosaurs ran across the desert plains and flew through the swampy jungles. For that reason, Planet Dinosaur doesn't quite deserve the 3D logo, but overall is still a valiant attempt at a 3D Dino documentary.(v)

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