Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A Monster in Paris


A Monster in Paris is a charming, stylized animation for all the family.The storyline is simple and effective and at times quite moving. The film also boasts some nice songs sung by the likes of Vanessa Paradis and Sean Lennon.
How is the 3D though? Unfortunately, not perfect. While there are obvious layers throughout and objects have some volume to them, the separation is a bit on the mild side and never quite creates those wow moments. Also, all the 3D seems to be in positive parallax and I can't remember any moments of pop out at all. With regards the mild separation of the 3D, it's a shame because a slighter wider parallax would have made the world of difference and the 3D effect would have been much more dramatic in several scenes e.g. the climactic scenes on the Eiffel Tower. On the plus side, the 3D depth, as it stands, is at least reasonably consistent from scene to scene. (v)

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