Friday, 10 August 2012

Kingdom of Plants


Kingdom of Plants 3D is very much in the same vein as Flying Monsters ....that other 3D documentary with Sir David Attenborough. Both were produced by Atlantic productions for Sky 3D and both boast the same stunning use of 3D. Kingdom of Plants was filmed completely at kew gardens and gives us an in-depth analysis of the multi-faceted nature of plants. It is fascinatingly told, in the inimitable Attenborough style and for most of the time, displayed in amazing 3D. Of course, there are  the obligatory moments of shallow 3D and 2D shots (no doubt when 3D filming was difficult or when archive footage was used) but this is very rare and doesn't detract much from the rest of the production, which all has top quality 3D. At times, I felt that I could reach out and stroke the stems and leaves of the various exotic plants on display. There are also close-up shots of bees and other insects on flowers that could have been lifted from a Viewmaster reel. There are also a few icky moments, made worse by the 3D effect, of various insects trapped in the digestive fluids of the more carnivorous type plants. All in all, Kingdom of Plants should take pride of place alongside Flying Monsters in any 3D enthusiasts collection.(v)

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